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It’s been One Week…. since I’ve been back.
Felt weird because honestly this last trip was topsy turvy and had a few moments where it felt like I was back in high school. Seriously. There were awesome reunions w/long lost family and estranged friends who I had lost touch with. It made me think that when you meet certain people in your life, yeah they can come in and out like seasons but if you meet again and it feels like no time has passed, then I think it was always meant to be. 

With said certain family member well, they’ve been out of touch for something like 10+ years but the same week I flew in they arrived a day later and within a few moments there was an understanding and a rapport that now has blossomed into a true family connection and mutual respect. Yay. All in all I’m happy to have spent time with family, it’s been too long and big thank you to my fellow artist, Monica Hernandez for kicking me in the butt (metaphorically) and getting me to care about getting into shape and working out. Thank you ^___^

As the whole I feel like I’m back in High School feel, well, most of my time there in Chicago I occupied my old room at my Mom’s house and most of my stuff is still there and I’ve been out of the house for what 10 years now. And towards the end of my stay I got an invite to hangout w/2 friends who I haven’t seen in years and lost touch with. We all used to walk home from h.s. for all 4 years to the day. and you know what, it was one of the best nights there and it really was like no time had passed. I’m very happy w/this re-connection and well here’s hoping it grows and is a positive in the new year. (Hey J and P, thx! 3-S Crew lol) annnnnd there was also running into my ex’s parents while Christmas shopping, it’s nice to know there is no badness there. So with all of that I honestly felt like I was a teenager again. 

The best news is that even though there is still drama lingering, Abuelito is doing better and ain’t going no where.  It’s truly a blessing and the best news so far outta 2012/2013. 

I just completed another book of coloring and lettering and now I’m starting up on the next issue and it feels good to get the work done. (and it looks SHARP!) I will also be getting back to my chibi, I miss drawing you!!! Also character designs for a new title for CHIBI COMICS and getting things ready for the convention season, man i got my work cut out for me. I LOVE IT : ) Which reminds me if you need my services please don’t be shy and let me know by private message or email. I also accept carrier owls. 

And with that it’s good to be back, a bit bittersweet/melancholy but it’s one of the reasons why I moved, Portland is where I can focus and concentrate on work and it pushes me to do my best and make my way in the world. It is NEVER easy to be away from family or people who you love and miss but i always felt it’s what drives you and pushes you to be what it is that you want to be. I’ll be back one day Chicago *chu*

Have some tea and stay warm because Winter is Coming!
bye ^___^
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